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Orchha – The Hidden Beauty (Jul ’10)

As usual, started searching for a weekend getaway from Delhi. This time I am trying to go to a different place other than Himalayas (as I have covered almost all the places in 300km radius). So, searching for a getaway has now become a difficult one. Decided to plan a visit to Madhya Pradesh as it was visited less frequently (infact less travelled). While searching got to know about this place called Orchha. I fell in love with this place when I go over the images in the internet and decided to visit the place for sure.

Didn’t want to travel on my bike/car and hence decided to use public transport. Checked out the train details to Jhansi and got confirmed return ticket and a wait list ticket for onward journey. Till Friday evening didn’t see a change in wait list number and decided to go by bus. The last bus leaves from Delhi to Jhansi at 8.30.  Reached ‘Sarai Kale Khan’ and boarded the bus. Not so impressive seats but settled on a window seat in the middle of the bus. Bus started at 8.30 PM but there were only few passengers on board so the conductor decided to fill up some passengers from Nizamuddin Railway Station. After picking up few passengers from the Station, bus started its journey at 9.30. Journey was uneventful after Agra as most of the passengers got down there.

Reached Jhansi at 7.45 AM and got a bus to Orchha. I had already booked a room at ‘Orchha Home Stay’. It is managed by a french couple ‘Asha & Louk’ who fell in love with this little town. The concept of this home stay is that, you will be taken to one of the 6 families which are part of this program. You will be provided a separate room within their home. There is a good chance for outsiders to learn about the life style, culture & customs of the residents of Orchha. You are free to join with them for breakfast/lunch/dinner or else if you like privacy you can have it in your room as I did.

Orchha is a tiny little town which has got wealth of hidden beauties.  The major attractions include -Chatturbuj Temple, Ramaraja Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Raja Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, Laxmi Temple.

Don’t miss out the famous view of Orchha on Betwa river side during Sunset.

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