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Rameshwaram (Nov ’16)

A trip to Rameshwaram was a long pending one and I have been fascinated long to visit India’s first Sea Bridge. Fortunately, my wish fulfilled last November. Pamban Bridge is a railway bridge which connects the town of Rameswaram on Pamban Island to mainland India. This bridge also designed to open to allow ferry movement, though I couldn’t witness this during my visit.

Thekkady (Sep ‘2015)

Bird Watching @ ECR & Test Driving Nikkor 70-300 VR II Lens – (Dec ’11)

After acquiring the Nikkor 70-300mm lens, I wanted to test drive it around Chennai. So, did a quick drive along the ECR road and the bird photographs presented here are taken in Muttukadu. Though this lens isn’t an ideal one for shooting free flying birds, I tried my best to get some shots.

Nikon D7000 Test Shots (Jul ’11)

Finally laid my hands on the most awaited gear ‘Nikon D7000’. A special thanks to my wife who has gifted this… It’s a big leap from D60 and it has got umpteen controls to use and I started loving my new gear. I got this set with 18-105mm lens & 50mm 1.8 lens for some portrait photography. I didn’t get a good sleep last night and on the road around 4 AM itself. Roamed around Marina and took some test shots.

Super Full Moon… (Mar ’11)

There was so many discussions going on for the ‘Super Full Moon’ on 19th March 2011. I decided to check out the ‘size’ of that as they are supposed to be 14% bigger and 30% brighter. But I didn’t notice any change at all (may be I am using my humble 55-200mm lens at its maximum). But anyway, it was good to watch moon on the three consecutive nights. I didn’t feel any change, but then it’s only me. So, I am sharing here the pictures taken between 18th March & 20th March.

DSLR Experiments: Experiment with Lighting

I was trying to get some other design pattern but ended up with this. Nevertheless it also looks better. Hope I will be achieving what I am aiming for.

This was shot with a light source from top (usb light source from my mini laptop). Shuttle cork was placed in a card board. It will give different pattern when you adjust distance of the light source.

Hope you all like it.

Critiques & Comments are welcome.

Happy Diwali (Nov ’10)

I was expecting to celebrate this Diwali with my parents in Chennai, but unfortunately not able to join them this year. So, had to celebrate Diwali in Delhi this time as well. Here are the few photographs I shot during diwali celebration this year.

Hope everyone had happy & safe Diwali !!!

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Chennai Through My Lens – Night Photographs

This photographs were taken during my visit to Chennai earlier this year. I would like to roam around the city during night time and you would get a lot of photographing opportunities. Particularly if you are interested in Night Photography and test your skills on Manual settings. Here are the few click where I tested my skills and all the photographs were taken handheld and that’s the reason for minimal exposure.

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DSLR Experiments – Close-up lens

This shot was taken using a close-up lens set I bought from e-Bay. Haven’t experimented much with these items. From my experience I would say it’s not a bad idea to shoot macro with these close-up lens.

DSLR Experiments – Glass Reflection

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