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An encounter with Taylor Bird @ Home (Jul ’11)

Recently, while cleaning our house, a small ‘Taylor Bird’ fell from a mango tree. Initially I thought it would fly on its own, but it struggled and crows around starting shouting. Sensing danger, I took the little one in my hand and it stayed quiet for a while. It didn’t try to fly away, so took some snaps. My partner was happy to have the little one as long as she could.

After sometime, we heard sounds from the parent birds and we put it on the ground. Then the parent birds flew down and taught the little one on how to fly step by step and up went the birds. It was nice little encounter with the Taylor Bird.

Monsoon Drive to Chail (Aug ’10)

The climate in Delhi nowadays seems to be quite good with regular rains keeping the city cool. So, we decided to go for a monsoon weekend drive to Himalayas. Also, there was a discussion going on in my favorite travel portal BCMT and people are discussing about the possibility of spending the Independence day weekend in Himalayas. Finally after have a voting system in place, the place was decided to be ‘Chail’.

I have been there already but haven’t visited in Monsoon. So we all geared up for the trip. They have formed a 7 member team and planned to come with a Qualis and we as usual with our Zen. Another couple has plans to join us in Chandigarh as they reside there.

So, everything was setup and we started our journey to Chail by 14th of August around 6 AM. The climate was very pleasant and there was an indication that it’s about to rain anytime. The drive was quite relaxed and beautiful with less traffic. The entire road stretch was good and we reached Ambala in quick time, where we met our friends. Just had a chit chat and continued our Journey to Kalka as they headed to pick up another friend.

We started from there and headed to Kalka, and around 9.30 we reached Pinjore where we had breakfast. Very close the hotel, you can see ‘Pinjore Gardens’ and slight drizzle made the atmosphere quite beautiful. We spent an hour shooting photographs and headed towards Kalka.

We all assembled at Kalka where another family from Chandigarh joined us. Then we all headed towards Chail via Kandaghat. We planned to have lunch at Sadhuphool but then the restaurant doesn’t have sufficient food for 11, and we had no choice other than head towards Chail.

We all reached Chail at 3.30 PM straight away check out in the hotel. As everybody was hungry then, all freshened up and went to the main market to have lunch (late lunch). As usual had Onion & Aloo paranthas with curd and it tasted divine :). Once done with the lunch, everybody discussed about the next plan and after a lot of discussion, all agreed to pay a visit to ‘Kali Ka Tibba’.

I haven’t visited the temple during my earlier visit and so eagerly awaited to see. Once we reached the temple, the 360 degree it offered was fantabulous. Everyone started shooting the view around like crazy and no camera can capture the views it offered. The pictures can’t do justice to what we have encountered there. It’s an amazing place and a must visit if you are heading to Chail.

The climate changed dramatically in half an hour and the entire place was covered by mist in no time. We all feared about our return as we have to navigate through the jungle road with less visibility. But we all reached safely and retired to our rooms. After some chit chat session we all headed to have dinner to the mall road and had the same paranthas for dinner. Needless to say we were all in bed in next 10 minutes.

Morning we woke up at 5 AM and decided to visit the place again, but no one has woke up at that time and we started alone to view the place in golden hour. The place was so divine and the views around are impeccable. After couple of hours of photo shoot headed towards the hotel and joined the rest of them. Had breakfast in the hotel itself and took a small nap and by the time others got ready and they had plans to visit the Cricket ground, which is located at the highest point.

So, we all headed towards the ground and after having shot some photographs, left for the Sidh Baba temple. It’s another beautiful temple located in a quite place. Once done, we all bid good bye as the other family went to Chail palace and the other gang headed towards Delhi. We reached Delhi around 10 PM with frequent stops in between for photography.

Places of Interest:

Kali Ka Tibba (Must see)
Sidh Baba Ka Mandir
Cricket Ground
Sadhupul (between Kandaghat and Chail)
Chail Palace

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Morning Photo Shoot @ Hauz Khaz, New Delhi (Jun ’10)

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Chennai Through My Lens – Night Photographs

This photographs were taken during my visit to Chennai earlier this year. I would like to roam around the city during night time and you would get a lot of photographing opportunities. Particularly if you are interested in Night Photography and test your skills on Manual settings. Here are the few click where I tested my skills and all the photographs were taken handheld and that’s the reason for minimal exposure.

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DSLR Experiments – Close-up lens

This shot was taken using a close-up lens set I bought from e-Bay. Haven’t experimented much with these items. From my experience I would say it’s not a bad idea to shoot macro with these close-up lens.

Weekend Trip to Virgin Hills – Landsdowne (Oct ’09)

It’s been a while we went out for an outing and this time I was planning to do it on bike. Decided on the destination and it has to be Lansdowne for its virgin beauty. But problem arose when we find there was no hotel room available for stay as ours was planned in last minute. After googling for some time, got hold of an hotel named OAK Grove Inn. We checked with the owner Col. Rawat and fortunately rooms are available. He also gave directions how to reach the place as we need to take diversion before reaching Lansdowne.

Finalised on the stay, we started packing things and it turned out to be a Lansheadache as all our earlier trips done in car. I haven’t prepared my bike for touring also, so no saddle bags. Got the cruiser box, and it was half packed with air pump and an spare rear tube. But somehow packed things for two days stay (2 sets of dresses, laptop, 2 camera etc.,).

We started from Faridabad around 5.40 AM, filled up tank and headed towards Meerut. To me it was a long awaited trip and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Road conditions are pretty good except some bad patches here and there. It was one of the beautiful roads to drive till Lansdowne. We took Delhi – Meerut – Mawana – Besuna – Ramraj – Meerapur. Here we stopped for breakfast at Monty Millions. I think it was the best restaurant enroute to Lansdowne. Food served here was good and worth the money.

From here we have to go to Bijnor via Kiratpur, but we somehow missed the road and took ‘Kotwali’. Then realised the mistake and joined the correct road at Najibabad. From Najibabad the road looks good and once you reach Kotdwara the drive through the hills was an awesome experience. Excellent weather and cool wind will keep you fresh. We didn’t go to Lansdowne as we have to go to Jaiharikhal where OAK Grove Inn located.

Reached the hotel at 1.00 PM and what a location it turned out to be. The owners, Colonel Rawat and his wife, live in a house adjacent to the hotel. We met them and had a little chat and got into the room. The room was neat and clean with wonderful view of mountains. They maintain a wonderful garden and you can see a variety of flowers planted around the hotel & their home. There was an wonderful terrace made of wood which was amazing and you can sit there and watch the little village down that place and beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

After resting for few hours we headed to see sunset point but unfortunately before we reach sun went down. So had a coffee at Tiffin Top and retired for the day.

Next couple of days we visited the main attractions in Lansdowne. There are very few places to hang around. Don’t miss a chance to watch sunset from Santoshi Mata Mandir, its an awesome experience.

Major Attractiions:

Bhulla Tal
Shiva Temple
St. Mary’s Church
Santoshi Mata Mandir
St. John’s Church
A river near Satpuli – 25kms from Lansdowne

Highly recommended and an ideal place to spend your weekend holiday peacefully.

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DSLR Experiments – Glass Reflection

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