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Bunglow on the Beach, Tranquebar (Aug ’12)

Nothing could match the views you get from here and there is no other good place than this to witness the changing blue colors of the Sea. Overall a nice place to stay. We had lunch at this place during our visit to Fort Dansborg. This hotel is located in stones throw away from the Fort offering some majestic views of the sea shore.

Let pictures do the talking here…

Quick Visit to Danish Fort – Tranquebar (Aug’ 12)

Life has been so busy for the past one year and we even couldn’t dream of getting away from the city for a weekend. On Independence day, we decided to go for a trip for sure and planned to vistit Tranquebar. This place was on my travel list for quite sometime. Primary attraction in this place is the Dutch Fort and the Hotel that is maintained by Neemrana. The name itself is quite attracting ‘The Bungalow on the Beach’. So, planned for a quick visit to the Fort and Lunch at the hotel.

On Independence day we left all our worries and started our journey as early as 3 AM as we have to cover a distance of 280km one way. Grabbed some money at ATM, filled tank and started the journey by 3.15. It rained the previous night and the roads are not in very good shape. Since it’s too early for the city, there was very thin traffic so we crossed the city in 15 mins and touched ECR road in no time. At a constant speed of around 100-120, we easily crossed Pondy in less than 2 hours and reached the destination in 3.45 hrs @ 7 AM. I love my Rapid

When we reached, there were hardly any people around except few fishermen who ventured out for their work. Relaxed there 10 mins and decided to have breakfast and planned to return to the Fort by 9. When we reached the main road, wifey told about Nagoor which is 20kms from Tranquebar and also about Velankanni. Decided to give it a try we started from Tranquebar and reached Velankanni by 8 AM. After visiting the holy church had our breakfast and turned back to visit the famous Darga in Nagoor. Offered our prayers in Nagoor and returned to Tranquebar around 11.30. I was expecting the climate to be cloudy and even expected showers but to my disappointment the sun was in its full glory and we had to sweat it out for the next couple of hours.

Another twist waited at Dansborg, the dutch fort. The main gate was closed and saw the written announcement that the Fort was closed for Independence Day. We didn’t expect this and thought the place will attract more visitors on holidays than a normal weekday. We are very much disappointed for not checking this information prior to our departure. But we can see a couple standing close to the doors and anxiously watching us with another person who seems to be the care taker of the Fort. We turned around and started our walk towards the beach as we had no other option other than to see what was available.

While we walk towards the beach, we noticed that a couple standing close to the gate disappeared and we thought there must be a way to sneak into the fort. After few negotiations with the gate keeper we were allowed inside the fort. Next one hour was spent roaming every nook and corner of the Fort though the Museum inside the Fort was closed. The view from the top was amazing and it should be good to spend evening there, which we didn’t do.

By the time we left the Fort, it was lunch time and we quickly spent sometime on the shore and went to the Bunglow on the Beach for lunch. They have limited options but the food was worth the price and also the views you get from the balcony. After lunch, we started my journey back to Chennai and reached Chennai by 8 PM.