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An avid traveller with lot of passion in Photography. I didn’t realise the passion inside me about the photography until I move to North India. It’s not my preferred location and never dreamt of moving out of Chennai. But then life has its own twists and turns and suddenly I am forced to move out of Chennai and finally landed up in Delhi.

The habit of weekend travel started from month one itself as we don’t have much relatives & friends compared to Chennai. So, we started visiting the important places like Taj Mahal, Jaipur, Shimla etc., on our inital days. Once we ran out of options then started googling and then landed on one of the fastest growing travel community BCMT. Got inspired by the travelogues and different places available for weekend getaways and started to venture myself to those places.

While visiting those places, stared taking photographs to keep the memories alive. As days passed, I am more interested in Photography than travel and started searching for places which has got ample photographic opportunities. Started with Canon A400 and moved to Canon S5-IS and jumped into the world of DSLR with my Nikon D60. Passion for photography grown manifold when I got the DSLR.

So, visit this site frequently as I will be updating regularly with my photographs and travel stories.

To Reach me shoot an email to digitalphotosgallery@gmail.com

Taj Mahal – One of my favorite places

Taj Mahal

The Traveller

  • July 9th, 2010
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