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DSLR Experiments: Experiment with Lighting

I was trying to get some other design pattern but ended up with this. Nevertheless it also looks better. Hope I will be achieving what I am aiming for.

This was shot with a light source from top (usb light source from my mini laptop). Shuttle cork was placed in a card board. It will give different pattern when you adjust distance of the light source.

Hope you all like it.

Critiques & Comments are welcome.

Happy Diwali (Nov ’10)

I was expecting to celebrate this Diwali with my parents in Chennai, but unfortunately not able to join them this year. So, had to celebrate Diwali in Delhi this time as well. Here are the few photographs I shot during diwali celebration this year.

Hope everyone had happy & safe Diwali !!!

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Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary – (Oct ’10)

Recently I have attended a workshop conducted by an excellent wildlife photographer ‘Rathika Ramasamy’. The workshop was conducted in Delhi zoo and I have gained some real good knowledge in wildlife photography. Even though, my first attempt at shooting birds was not much fruitful, I have decided to give a go at one of the sanctuaries around Delhi.

As my fellow friends in BCMT already visited this place, I have decided to give a go last weekend. It’s not easy to shoot birds as they constantly move and when they spot some visitors, they move far away which make shooting difficult.

Anyhow, I am going to share my bit here and let me know your comments.

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