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Delhi – Rudraprayag – One crazy ride on a weekend (Dec ’09)

This one was an unexpected ride and it contains a crazy part too. Since my better half has went to Chennai on this particular weekend and I had planned for a ride to ‘Pokhri’. Destination was decided and thought about companion for this ride. As I don’t have any travel companion in Delhi, I made a call to my friend who was in Chennai. It was around 8.30 AM in the morning and I enquired about his weekend engagement. He said he doesn’t have any plans as such and then came my next statment, ‘Why don’t you join me for a ride this weekend?’. At first he didn’t understand what I said, when he realised, burst out in laugh and didn’t stop for a minute.

I didn’t interrupt him and when he asked again I said the same thing. He thought I am gone nuts and after 30 mins of severe discussion, he finally agreed to come down to Delhi and I booked the tickets for him in another 30 mins and sent it over to him. The flight was scheduled to leave by 1.30 and I booked the ticket by 10.00 and sent it over to him by email immediately.

I am so excited about all the happenings over the past few hours and awaited eagerly for the evening to pick him up from the airport. He boarded the flight and the flight was delayed by 30 mins and it was the perfect time for me to pick him up as I don’t have to leave office early. So, left office by 5 and picked him up at airport by 5.30 and headed to Faridabad.

Once we reched home, we both were in the same mood and excitement as he couldn’t believe all the happenings since morning. Had a nice chat about the conversations he had with his family to convince his travel to Delhi. Everybody thought us as we are out of our mind. After all we need something like this once in a while to make our life exciting.

So, had dinner and dozed off quite soon as we had planned to leave early. Left home by 5 AM and it was so cold outside. But then we had managed to wear 3-4 layers to protect ourselves from the shivering cold. The ride was nothing but usual as we shared the ride between us. We coudln’t reach Pokhri as we had a small accident enroute somewhere near Srinagar. Rear brake got damaged and a leakage in engine oil. So, that slowed down us for a considerable amount of time and we reach Rudraprayag by 7. There was no way we can reach Pokhri after that time as there was no assured accomodation.

So, stayed at GMVN guest house for the night and returned the next day. This trip was all about riding riding riding and some breaks for photography. Hope to conquer Pokhri this year.

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Kasauli – Quiet Weekend Getaway (Jul ’09)

If you would like to spend your weekend in quiet place then ‘Kasauli’ is your best choice. Kasauli is located 303 kms from Delhi and one has to take a branch road in Kalka – Shimla road. We went there last year expecting some rain but disappointed as there was not even a sign of thunderstorm. Nevertheless, the place was quite serene and a beautiful place to spend your time by watching the sunrise/sunset and nature walks around.

The main attractions in Kasauli are ‘Monkey Point’, ‘Christ Church’ & ‘Sanawar’ one of the best schools in the country.

‘Monkey Point’ is located 4km from the bus stand. A small temple is situated on top of the hill and the climb to the temple is quite steep. Once can have a look at River Sutlej from the top. Since this temple is located in cantonment area, camera’s, electronic items are not allowed. Christ church is located very close to bus stand and still looks beautiful.

Don’t miss out the night view of ‘Chandigarh City’, ‘Sunrise’ & ‘Sunset’.

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Weekend Trip to Virgin Hills – Landsdowne (Oct ’09)

It’s been a while we went out for an outing and this time I was planning to do it on bike. Decided on the destination and it has to be Lansdowne for its virgin beauty. But problem arose when we find there was no hotel room available for stay as ours was planned in last minute. After googling for some time, got hold of an hotel named OAK Grove Inn. We checked with the owner Col. Rawat and fortunately rooms are available. He also gave directions how to reach the place as we need to take diversion before reaching Lansdowne.

Finalised on the stay, we started packing things and it turned out to be a Lansheadache as all our earlier trips done in car. I haven’t prepared my bike for touring also, so no saddle bags. Got the cruiser box, and it was half packed with air pump and an spare rear tube. But somehow packed things for two days stay (2 sets of dresses, laptop, 2 camera etc.,).

We started from Faridabad around 5.40 AM, filled up tank and headed towards Meerut. To me it was a long awaited trip and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Road conditions are pretty good except some bad patches here and there. It was one of the beautiful roads to drive till Lansdowne. We took Delhi – Meerut – Mawana – Besuna – Ramraj – Meerapur. Here we stopped for breakfast at Monty Millions. I think it was the best restaurant enroute to Lansdowne. Food served here was good and worth the money.

From here we have to go to Bijnor via Kiratpur, but we somehow missed the road and took ‘Kotwali’. Then realised the mistake and joined the correct road at Najibabad. From Najibabad the road looks good and once you reach Kotdwara the drive through the hills was an awesome experience. Excellent weather and cool wind will keep you fresh. We didn’t go to Lansdowne as we have to go to Jaiharikhal where OAK Grove Inn located.

Reached the hotel at 1.00 PM and what a location it turned out to be. The owners, Colonel Rawat and his wife, live in a house adjacent to the hotel. We met them and had a little chat and got into the room. The room was neat and clean with wonderful view of mountains. They maintain a wonderful garden and you can see a variety of flowers planted around the hotel & their home. There was an wonderful terrace made of wood which was amazing and you can sit there and watch the little village down that place and beautiful scenery in front of your eyes.

After resting for few hours we headed to see sunset point but unfortunately before we reach sun went down. So had a coffee at Tiffin Top and retired for the day.

Next couple of days we visited the main attractions in Lansdowne. There are very few places to hang around. Don’t miss a chance to watch sunset from Santoshi Mata Mandir, its an awesome experience.

Major Attractiions:

Bhulla Tal
Shiva Temple
St. Mary’s Church
Santoshi Mata Mandir
St. John’s Church
A river near Satpuli – 25kms from Lansdowne

Highly recommended and an ideal place to spend your weekend holiday peacefully.

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Orchha – The Hidden Beauty (Jul ’10)

As usual, started searching for a weekend getaway from Delhi. This time I am trying to go to a different place other than Himalayas (as I have covered almost all the places in 300km radius). So, searching for a getaway has now become a difficult one. Decided to plan a visit to Madhya Pradesh as it was visited less frequently (infact less travelled). While searching got to know about this place called Orchha. I fell in love with this place when I go over the images in the internet and decided to visit the place for sure.

Didn’t want to travel on my bike/car and hence decided to use public transport. Checked out the train details to Jhansi and got confirmed return ticket and a wait list ticket for onward journey. Till Friday evening didn’t see a change in wait list number and decided to go by bus. The last bus leaves from Delhi to Jhansi at 8.30.  Reached ‘Sarai Kale Khan’ and boarded the bus. Not so impressive seats but settled on a window seat in the middle of the bus. Bus started at 8.30 PM but there were only few passengers on board so the conductor decided to fill up some passengers from Nizamuddin Railway Station. After picking up few passengers from the Station, bus started its journey at 9.30. Journey was uneventful after Agra as most of the passengers got down there.

Reached Jhansi at 7.45 AM and got a bus to Orchha. I had already booked a room at ‘Orchha Home Stay’. It is managed by a french couple ‘Asha & Louk’ who fell in love with this little town. The concept of this home stay is that, you will be taken to one of the 6 families which are part of this program. You will be provided a separate room within their home. There is a good chance for outsiders to learn about the life style, culture & customs of the residents of Orchha. You are free to join with them for breakfast/lunch/dinner or else if you like privacy you can have it in your room as I did.

Orchha is a tiny little town which has got wealth of hidden beauties.  The major attractions include -Chatturbuj Temple, Ramaraja Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Raja Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, Laxmi Temple.

Don’t miss out the famous view of Orchha on Betwa river side during Sunset.

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