Kasauli – Quiet Weekend Getaway (Jul ’09)

If you would like to spend your weekend in quiet place then ‘Kasauli’ is your best choice. Kasauli is located 303 kms from Delhi and one has to take a branch road in Kalka – Shimla road. We went there last year expecting some rain but disappointed as there was not even a sign of thunderstorm. Nevertheless, the place was quite serene and a beautiful place to spend your time by watching the sunrise/sunset and nature walks around.

The main attractions in Kasauli are ‘Monkey Point’, ‘Christ Church’ & ‘Sanawar’ one of the best schools in the country.

‘Monkey Point’ is located 4km from the bus stand. A small temple is situated on top of the hill and the climb to the temple is quite steep. Once can have a look at River Sutlej from the top. Since this temple is located in cantonment area, camera’s, electronic items are not allowed. Christ church is located very close to bus stand and still looks beautiful.

Don’t miss out the night view of ‘Chandigarh City’, ‘Sunrise’ & ‘Sunset’.

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Kasauli – Quiet Weekend Getaway

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