Leisure Drive Along ECR – (Feb ’11)

This was a sudden plan as my partner got a training requirement in Old Mahabalipuram. So, I planned to drop her and visit some places in ECR (East Coast Road). As planned I dropper her in OMR road & proceeded towards Muttukadu. Drive was wonderful as usual and you have to take a left at Kelambakkam to touch ECR Road. From that left it was around 2 km you will reach ECR road junction and if you go further 1km you will reach Kovalam Beach.

I decided to visit Muttukadu backwaters first. Sun was coming down very hard and photographing is not so easy.

After spending couple of hours in Muttukadu, decided to move on. But not before having tender coconut to beat the heat. Next stop is Kovalam/Covelong Beach. Here you have a beach resort operated by Taj Group, Vivanta by Taj also called Fishermen Cove. Resort looks very cool. No photographs of the resort.

Once Kovalam beach is done, I was in a dilemma to go to Dakshinchitra or Mamallapuram. Then decided to go to Mamallapuram and I was driving in a slow pace. While nearing Mahabalipuram saw the sign board to Tiger Cave and I have never been to this place. So, decided to check it out.

It was so tiring to walk as the sun was out there with full force. So, just walked around the place and took very few photographs.

Then proceeded towards Mahabailpuram. I was damn tired when I reached and just walked towards sea shore and took couple of photographs and returned.

Time was around 3.30 PM and I haven’t had lunch. So, pulled over my car near a pit-stop park. Had bread omlette with pepsi and relaxed for sometime.

After filling my stomach and resting for sometime, I proceeded towards Kovalam, where I would take a left to OMR road. But I got another hour so decided to check out a place which is hidden in bushes. When you are coming from Mamallapuram, you have to take a right to go to Fishermen cove. After taking the right and driving for about few meteres, you will see a small pond hidden in the bushes.

I stopped there and decided to check it out. The place looked amazing. Here are some photographs from the hidden place.

After spending half an hour in that place, it was time to go back and pick up my wife. When I reached the ECR junction, my mind wants to go back to Muttukadu for parting shots. So, went there and saw a lot of bird activities.

That’s the end of long tiring day of photo shoot around ECR Road.

It would be amazing to watch sunrise/sunset at this place. Will be heading there soon for that.

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